Sake tasting session

Tastings and pairing in the place you choose or in our gastronomic space.


Did you know that, contrary to what most people think, In Japanese the word Sake does not translate to ‘rice wine’?

For Japanese people, Sake refers to any type of alcoholic drink which is obtained by fermenting the rice and not by distilling it. Sake is the undistilled drink with the highest alcohol content that can be reached naturally. In Japan, Sake is mainly used to clean the palate after a meal and to achieve harmony of the senses which the country values so highly. Their Shinto religion considers it to be a spiritual drink.

Why do Sake tasting sessions with Lavetonia?



We are educational

We use a pleasant vocabulary, easy to understand and very didactic that will allow you to enjoy a very entertaining experience and extrapolate the knowledge acquired to your future purchases.



We are experts

We have been designing wine, sparkling wine and sake tasting experiences for many years. We love the products, processes and protagonists! We are always looking for things that are different and unconventional.



We are local

We know how to combine the versatility of Japanese Sake with the unbeatable food belonging to our region, creating a unique sensory experience for your senses.

Do you prefer a personalized sake tasting in the space of your choice?

You just need to tell us your vision and we will get to work.

Experiencias enogastronómicas

Would you like to incorporate a wine-and-food experience into your trip?

Lavetonia is not a travel agency.

We cannot offer you combined packages of flights and hotel so you can come and enjoy our wines. But we are designers of extraordinary bespoke experiences that will complement those unforgettable moments you experience on your trip. Here is an example: