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The best way to discover a destination is through the senses: what you feel is not forgotten, it is remembered.

I propose as a unique, original activity “Tasting is traveling”, an experience that consists of a pairing dinner/lunch evoking a walk through our vineyards to summarize all the wines and the most representative gastronomy of the area of your choice.

As a good charra, I invite you to discover Salamanca through tastings, workshops, gastronomic visits and local crafts, in a surprising place in the same city for your groups.

Madrid is my second home, so I can offer you the experience “Tasting is traveling” in several unique gastronomic spaces, where every detail is designed to captivate.

Each client is unique, why not start making a difference?

If you need help in wine tourism or in the design of gastronomic routes, I can help you with advice in Spain, France and Portugal. My experience in travel operations (LinkedIn link) and my wine knowledge can help you to make a difference.

Cultura salmantina

Groups of +8 persons

Are you in Salamanca and want to do a different activity?

I propose a wine tasting!

You can choose from the catalog in this (link catalog). But since you are in this city, I recommend the wine tasting in Salamanca to immerse yourself in its wine culture.

The gastronomic space where it takes place is amazing. You can browse the Instagram “La cocinita Mágica” and if you feel like living something different we can complement your tasting experience with a gastronomic workshop. The perfect combination to get to know the west of Salamanca.

* service on request according to availability of date and time.

If you want more, I can design a route for you to get to know the west of Salamanca without table and tablecloth, as well as accompanying you on a tapas route.

And if you are thinking of traveling outside Spain, I can help you with unique ideas in destinations such as France and Portugal spicing up your trip, always from the gastronomic chalice.

Let me know what plans you have!



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