Taste & learn

Immerse yourself in Spanish Food and Wine Culture
while learning the language in charming Salamanca



Salamanca: There’s no better place to learn Spanish!

Salamanca is a vibrant, colourful city that welcomes thousands of students every year to learn Spanish.

Branded “Ciudad del Español” (The city for learning Spanish), Salamanca is the ideal place to learn, fine tune and practice the Spanish language.

A very hospitable, safe, and welcoming city, Salamanca not only houses one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, but it also has a broad selection of highly reputable language schools and academies to choose from.


Learning Spanish through Food and Wine Culture in Salamanca?

Learning a language is a lot more than simply learning the grammatical rules of the language and how to apply them in your daily interactions in a way that makes sense.  Language instruction is most efficient when you immerse yourself in the native’s culture and customs.

Culture is a reflection of the mindset of Spanish people. It is only when you understand and master culture that, you stop being a foreign student and become part of the community.


Learning Spanish with Lavetonia’s tastings and gastronomic workshops

Immerse yourself in our fun and educational tasting and gastronomic workshops and learn how to choose the right words, tones, phrases, and expressions to communicate appropriately in everyday situations.

While mastering the language, you’ll also get to know the locals, familiarise yourself with the region, its people and its products, and learn the ins and outs of the food and wine culture of this magic city!

Spice up your learning experience while cooking and tasting the Salamanca way!