Wine tasting

Wine tasting and pairing sessions in the place of your choice or at our gastronomic space.


Are you looking for unconventional wine tasting sessions?

At Lavetonia, you will be able to taste different wines and enjoy an affordable and entertaining learning experience to enable you to take away the knowledge you acquire with us and use it with your wine decisions at the winery or supermarket. We use a friendly and easily-understandable language. We look for different, unconventional wines with their own personality…and we want everyone to be able to access them.

Select the wine tasting session that most inspires you



Wines fromSalamanca

We believe and are committed to the product of the extraordinary native grape, unusual and generally undiscovered wines, but of a superior quality.



Organic wines

People talk about organic, biodynamic and natural wines, but do you know the difference between them? Lavetonia explains it to you clearly and in detail.




The topography, the special volcanic ecosystem, the absence of phylloxera…all of this enables places like the Canary Islands or Sicily to produce unique and versatile wines, that we share with you.



Wine-growing women

A trip to the ancestral universe of the wine-growing woman, with which we finally place in the spotlight the deserving and wonderful female wine-growers that have done so much for the wine culture of our country.




Would you like to discover the wines of a country or region on the planet, but it’s impossible to pack your bags? Give the globe a spin, show us and we will pair it! France, NZ, EU, South Africa, you take the lead!




Did you know that Hippocrates invented vermouth by soaking Greek wine with Origanum dictamnus flowers from Crete and Arthemisia Absinthium to “stimulate the appetite and liven the spirit”? Discover our classics and their capacity to liven the spirit!

Do you prefer a bespoke wine tasting session in the place of your choice?

You just need to tell us your vision and we will get to work.

Experiencias enogastronómicas

Would you like to incorporate a wine-and-food experience into your trip?

Lavetonia is not a travel agency.

We cannot offer you combined packages of flights and hotel so you can come and enjoy our wines. But we are designers of extraordinary bespoke experiences that will complement those unforgettable moments you experience on your trip. Here is an example:

Without a table and without a tablecloth in the West of Salamanca

** The proposal will be reviewed