Rutas enogastronómicas

Food and wine experiences in Salamanca

Tasting sessions, Workshops and nearby tours, affordable and always full of surprises!

Would you like to learn about the culture of good eating and drinking in the region of Salamanca in more depth? Are you looking for wine tourism experiences in Salamanca to share with your loved ones?

Do you fancy delving into the world of wine and sparkling wines, but you don’t like the elitist atmosphere of many of these experiences?

Here at Lavetonia, we design affordable and informative wine, sparkling wine and sake tasting sessions and we offer them in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of “La Cocinita Mágica”, a charming cultural space in the heart of Salamanca, or at the place of your choice.

Just you and yours, you will never forget the small great moments that you will experience with Lavetonia!

La Cocinita Mágica

Where do our tasting sessions take place??

All of our tasting sessions and food-and-wine workshops take place in the charming space of La Cocinita Mágica, a spot which has been designed specially to welcome large groups in all types of events.

Do you have another location in mind? ?

You just need to tell us where and we will organise the what and how!


Gastronomy tours of K.M 0 in Salamanca

Have you ever thought that most of the products in your shopping basket come from other countries? Chickpeas from Canada, oranges from Morocco, fruits from Chile… But, why not consume more local products? Why not support our own growers and farmers?

Wine-and-food tours tailored to you

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (literally!) to try some of the best local produce, the food and drink from our remote rural areas of which we have so many still to discover. Visit unique places, with living history, while also discovering our region’s exceptional wine-and-food legacy.

Although we are not a travel agency, we have the experience and knowledge to custom-design an outing that will complement those unforgettable moments you already experience on route. Do you prefer to go it alone?



Taste & learn

And for our friends from other countries who come to learn Spanish, we have tasting sessions, workshops and tours to immerse yourself in the culture of the Salamanca region.

Reinforce your language and discover the cultural idiosyncrasies of our people with Taste and Learn by Lavetonia.

Are you a Spanish language school or academy and want to incorporate our wine-and-food experiences into your curriculum? We will be delighted to design the perfect events for your students.