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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer gastronomic activities that we can include in our travel packages?

Yes, Lavetonia adapts to the needs of the agency to enrich and add value to the package by completing the experience from the sensory and gastronomic chalice.


Do you offer customized options to suit the needs of different types of travelers?

Of course, Lavetonia adapts its resources to all kinds of options, always offering experiences that meet your philosophy and the quality required on your part.


What exactly does each experience or tasting include?

The tastings include 3 wines with their corresponding pairing according to the theme, the explanation supported by an aromatic game and a gift detail for each guest.


How do you ensure the quality and authenticity of the experiences?

The quality of the experiences is supported by the spaces where the tastings/workshops/teambuilding take place. And the authenticity of these experiences is supported by the choice of the products chosen for each experience, the creativity of the presentation of the dishes, the learning techniques and the spontaneity of the tasting discourse, which is free of technicalities.


What types of dining experiences do you offer exactly?

Tastings, where I put at your disposal several options as an example: (Salamanca wines, wines from women wineries, sparkling wines, sake and a walk through the Spanish vineyards) always accompanied by food and wine pairing, either for lunch or dinner.
Tastings with culinary workshop according to the theme of the chosen wines, for example: Italian wines with fresh pasta workshop.

Teambuilding where you can have a good time as a team while cooking and learning about the wines related to the chosen theme, for example, wines from Salamanca and preparation by teams of the typical charro hornazo.
Advice on wine tourism, if you have a group in Portugal we can look for a nearby gastronomic experience such as a wine tasting, the preparation of a typical gastronomic product or a significant restaurant.